Hassett Subaru - Simple Headlamp replacement impossible!

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My left side low headlamp on my 2011 Suburu Legacy went out.I was a mechanic for the MTA for 30 years, I'll just change bulb, after spending two hours removing the battery and rear cap I got the bulb out.

However the clip system is impossible to reattach to hold bulb in place. I brought the car into the dealer and he told me that the assembly was junk because the clip tab was broken.

I had to have entire assembly replaced, the Suburu mechanic removed left front wheel and bumper to replace.Two Hundred labor for a headlamp replacement!

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I cannot describe my anger and frustration with this POS design.3 hours, broken clip, bloody forearms, stuffed material into plastic cover to keep bulb pushed in.

Hopefully it will ignite.Hate this car.

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